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      “These may be up to 6 sq.ft. in size. At times pure, abstract, almost philosophical concepts such as order/chaos, conflict/resolution, rhythm/stillness may evolve into an image. At others I draw upon a specific visual experience, allowing its tonal/colour relationships to structure a completely new form. Or maybe a simple coloured shape, its hue, saturation and tone, like a note in music, may suggest a painting. In all, spontaneity, clarity and especially colour are crucial. 


    “ I have lived for many years surrounded by hills and the sea: this landscape is my raw material. Working mostly outside, I have grown intensely aware of the constant evolution of our light and form,  of its unpredictability and infinite permutations of tone and colour. Each moment embodies a fresh and unique harmony which I try to grasp in its entirety, as closely as its swift passing allows.”
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